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Чому варто прийняти вакцину проти грипу - 24 Канал

A vaccine for the current flu has already arrived in the free sale at the drugstores is Suprun said in his Facebook, simultaneously debunking the myths that protect against these viruses can garlic, askorbinki or imunomodulatoare.

Ms. Suprun recent years many stunning statements did – in particular, says that the ice cream you can eat when a sore throat, you can’t sit on a cold, wet Mantu and not necessarily every day to eat soup.

And each of these said caused a heated debate in Ukrainian society, demonstrating how we are all uneducated and are in thrall to stereotypes, which is more typical of grandmothers with slaughtered villages than modern people with Internet access. Here are the latest, regarding the flu vaccinations.

Ukrainians do not do that, because I’m afraid and don’t understand how they are for them an escape from the traditional seven-day winter horn. Well, Ukrainians are afraid of vaccination, because I remember those cheap and poor quality vaccines, their the then government brought to Ukraine. And in a certain sense such fears have, however is a thing of the past, now the situation is different.

The same for the negative experience that has a simple Ukrainian vaccination, it is actually now prevents you to make the right decision to protect your body by inoculation, as is done in all civilized world. Well, that and the Ukrainians – is simply ignorant. As an argument to introduce their own experience, they say, when I was a child vaccinated from the flu – I was sick! But – as it should be. So the vaccination works.

After the injection into the human body carry the virus, a person gets sick on it, the body starts to produce so to speak, the antidote, and therefore immunity against this virus. Of course in the vaccine, the virus in a weakened form, then the body will be easier to overcome it. But purchased from a weakened virus, the immune system will protect You from such already full of viruses that will be circling around in the winter!

The same angry that I here in the childhood was injected with the vaccine, and then I immediately zacharoula – is a sign of their own ignorance, because if You get sick right after vaccination – this means that you pricked the quality of the vaccine, because that is how it should work! And of course, flu shots will not give you an absolute guarantee that you will not get sick – however, even if you catch the virus, the disease will be much easier and you will not be exact from her the serious consequences which threat the flu.

And lastly, if these are all my theoretical calculations have not convinced You, share their own experience. I never was anti-vaccine, writing remember in the clinic, even the rejection of mandatory vaccinations. However, as I grew older – and I’m not talking about age, but about the mind – so that’s when I became an adult, now make every year a flu shot. Make it literally next Saturday when I have spare time to go to the pharmacy for the vaccine.

So why am I going to do? Because the flu I was sick twice during the winter at least – and sick full – very hard lasted the course of my illness, although I bought the floor of the pharmacy. Actually, to sit at home on sick leave – it’s my pleasure, it was freezing outside and mediocrity, and you took refuge with a blanket and watching a soap Opera.

This is theoreticallybecause the flu I was sick is always hard, and the next few days, or the book I was not happy. And here three years ago, I randomly decided to get a flu shot. And as they say – the world is turned upside down. It was a miracle, but that winter I first time did not get sick!

Well, a couple of times a sore throat, it happened, but so that week to die and only go to the pharmacy for another dose of pharmacology that was not. For me it was something incredible, I thought, how I was a fool that had not been vaccinated.

So,to summarize: the vaccine act, so I do vaccinations every year and strongly advise you. It’s not cheap – up to 300 hryvnia, but agree – for the week of your illness with the flu at the pharmacy, You more money will leave.

This is despite the fact that buying And more while you’re a week to be sick, you the one week his life will lose corny – isn’t it worth 300 USD? And definitely worth the 300 hryvnia guarantee that You have the flu will not be deadly complications, from whom die each year dozens of Ukrainians.

Therefore, I do not believe Ms. Suprun, believe me – a flu shot to do is, and do not pull, do it now, before the country began the epidemic. And if you do dose now You got me then thank will, I’m persuaded.

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