Why sitting is more dangerous than Smoking: five facts to prove it

Почему сидение опаснее курения: пять фактов, доказывающие это

Currently, a person spends sitting more than 13 hours a day, and we must remember that the sleep you have 8 hours, and the movement is no more than three. In big cities people move even less. Sitting is harmful, because physiologically our bodies are not adapted for it. The spine in the normal position resembles the letter S, but this form after prolonged sitting With recalls by blocking the muscles supporting the spine.

Man begins to lose posture, develop stooped posture, weakened obliques and side muscles, and cease to keep the body in a normal tone. In standing, the main burden is the most strong and developed the muscles of the hips, knees and ankles. But sitting on a chair on the spine and pelvic area, thus increasing compression on the vertebral discs, are developing their defeat and intervertebral hernia.

The facts about the dangers of seat

Fact 1 – the Seat triggers the development of various diseases

The office workers and those who prefer a sedentary lifestyle, many times increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels. At the same time, as experts established, the harm is not removed bodily activity or physical exercise. Those who spend 11 hours sitting per day, the possibility of sudden mortality increases by 40%.

Suffer even the people sitting about 4 hours a day – they have increased the likelihood of obesity, osteoporosis, they are more prone to chronic diseases, increased blood pressure and development of tumors. Inactivity causes stagnation of blood, lymph and other fluids. In women increased thrombosis, and in men increases the risk of diseases of the prostate.

Fact 2 – Comfortable chairs do not reduce the problems

Manufacturers of office furniture assure that their products perfectly support the spine and can even do a back massage. But doctors do not share their optimism. Even the most comfortable chair or chairs where you can sit comfortably for hours, harm the blood circulation and make you numb all over the body. All the time while the person is sitting, his spine is pressure is two times more than, if necessary, 8 times this figure increases than in the supine position.

Fact 3 – the Seat is worse than inactivity

Just to sit is much worse than staying for a long time, standing or lying down. If the person just stands there, his muscles still work, so as to hold the torso in an upright position. At this time the nervous system uses to low-intensity loads, which are enzymes. Even in stillness, in standing, the enzymes process the fat and cholesterol into energy.

In the sitting position, all muscles relax, and enzymes cease activity and the level of good cholesterol decreases. Standing up the burning of calories increases by 3 times, compared to sedentary, as you do not stop the reaction that breaks down fats and sugar in the body, but as soon as a person sits – activity of the processes is terminated.

Fact 4 – the increase of the stress

Lack of movement triggers the development of stress and causes an increase in the level of the hormone cortisol. A large amount of this hormone provokes depression and weight increase. There is a vicious circle seat causes an increase in cortisol, under the influence of cortisol people eating more and moving less and sitting more.

Fact 5 – the Seat is just habit

In the study of obesity, the experts made an interesting conclusion of why some people on the same diet recover and others do not. They found that some tend almost to sit all the time, and this habit does not allow them to lose weight at the same rate as those with such inclination are not available. The good news is that any habit can be changed. Once the body starts moving, it formed the habit of movement. The brain gradually adapts to it and begins to support, and build new skill.

In order for the brain has adapted to the newly mastered skill movements will require approximately three weeks. During this time, changes and reactions “stolarik” can turn into “Walker”, that will greatly help in healing of the body.