Why someone eats a lot and doesn’t gain weight

Почему кто-то ест много и не толстеет

Every woman who thinks she’s not thin, believes that skinny girls “who eat and not get fat – witches”. Nutritionist Alina Ranevsky told why it happens, reports Newsmir.info.

The first thing she said, that genetic predisposition affects a person’s weight by only 10%, but not all think in 100%. It all depends on physical activity and hormonal levels. If you have a full parents the possibility that you will complete is not dependent on genetics and way of life. If your parents raised you to eat a lot, but to be physically passive – that it is the cause of excess weight.

Consider when thin girls at night eat a Burger and not get fat. And you thought that maybe this Burger is the only thing she ate all day and drove like mad through the house. And you can eat a kilo of apples and half a kilo of low-fat cottage cheese that the caloric content is above the Burger, and I think, what is wrong with you. It all depends on calories. Often thin people eat only when they are very hungry and without limit, so do not suffer from overeating. No magic there. Move more and eat everything but in moderation, concluded the nutritionist.