Why sore Breasts: 8 common causes

Почему болит грудь: 8 распространенных причин

A large percentage of women around the world suffer from pain in the breast. Of course, they all worried that it might be breast cancer. In this article we will look at what causes discomfort and when necessary to be afraid of cancer actually.

Causes chest pain

First, it can be hormonal disruption. If it is natural changes pain can occur in the breast. For example, when approaching menstruation pain occurs due to the discharge of estrogen and progesterone. Pregnancy, approaching menopause can also be a reason a chest pain.

Second, some medications can also cause pain. This is especially the case with medications that have hormones and when taking antidepressants and antipsychotics, heart medications. Some of them are the reason that my Boobs hurt.

Thirdly, doctors say that sore Breasts can be due to the cysts of the breast. This benign neoplasm, which is a cavity filled with liquid. As a rule, the cyst does not cause discomfort, but if you increase it in size it puts pressure on lying next to the tissue, causing pain. Also the cyst may be accompanied by heaviness in the chest, burning, appearance of visible seals, disorders of the menstrual cycle, and enlarged lymph nodes in the armpits.

Thirdly, sore Breasts maybe due to surgeries and injuries. Even years after that may be painful. Often unexpressed post-traumatic pain, do not endanger the health of the woman, but still worth to consult a doctor if you notice such symptoms.

Fourth, herpes zoster, associated with activation of Varicella Zoster virus,. After recovering from chickenpox the virus is like in sleep mode, but after years can Wake up and trigger discomfort. Including sore Breasts, along with other symptoms – itching, pain, tingling in places of localization of the lesions.

Fifth, the Breasts can hurt due to muscle tension. If a woman performed a different exercise, he was involved in related efforts, possible chest discomfort. Very often in such situations suffer muscle responsible for supporting the breast.

Sixthly, due to the large breast size can be a pain. This is one of the most frequent causes of pain, as the bust has a considerable weight, load the back and stretches the ligaments and tissues. Just the right lingerie is able to rectify this challenging situation.

Seventh, in diseases of other organs can appear chest pain. This is not necessarily pathology of the mammary glands. Most often the cause of pain can be low back pain, disorders of the heart, diseases of the digestive tract, respiratory system. To determine the cause in such cases, it is necessary to go to the hospital.

And finally, the wrong underwear can cause pain. Either too large models that do not support the Breasts, or too small, in which the bust becomes compressed, it can cause discomfort.

What to do for pain in your chest?

Doctors say that pain is not always linked to breast cancer, so do not immediately panic. Natural pain can pass by themselves, but there are situations in which you should immediately seek help from a doctor. We are talking about the following cases:

  • Pain occurs regularly;
  • The pain does not pass for weeks or more.
  • Chest discomfort accompanied by disturbances of health;
  • Disruptions of the menstrual cycle;
  • Nipple discharge, signs of infection.

Be mindful of your condition and promptly refer to the specialist.

Почему болит грудь: 8 распространенных причин

Почему болит грудь: 8 распространенных причин

Почему болит грудь: 8 распространенных причин

Почему болит грудь: 8 распространенных причин

Почему болит грудь: 8 распространенных причин