Why Tesla closes almost all of its showrooms

Почему Tesla закрывает почти все свои шоу-румы

The press service of the company Tesla announced that over the next few months, the brand is going to close almost all their stores and showrooms, leaving only a few with the highest attendance. So very soon the products of the brand can be purchased only through the Internet. What goes around buyers?

Now in North America you can buy any Tesla electric car is just 1 minute by going to the online store. And soon, this practice spread around the world, say representatives of the brand.

Apparently, not a good life American avtostroitel made this difficult decision, hoping to somehow boost their sales and reduce costs. After all, every day more and more electric competitors entering the global market. In addition, thanks to this move, the company has found a way to “drop” the price tag on the car Model 3 (the third time).

Now the price for younger model starts from $ 35,000, which equates to approximately 2.3 million at the current exchange rate.

So, for the money the buyer receives an environmentally friendly five-seat sedan with a range of up to 350 km, peddling the first hundred in 5.6 seconds. Recall that the original car was estimated at 42 000 dollars (2.8 million rubles).

In addition, marketers Tesla bring to the stage one more trump card: brand cancels all test drives before purchase, but now you can buy a car, to skate on it seven days or 1000 miles (1609 km), and then return it if you dont like it, having received back the full amount.

Recall that Tesla financial reports leave much to be desired. The company entered the current year with a loss of $976 million And losses of a year ago showed the result of $1.9 billion and most recently the head of the company Elon Musk announced the forced reduction in staff by 7%.

Почему Tesla закрывает почти все свои шоу-румы