Why the child is afraid to stay home alone: the causes – 24 Channel

Чому дитина боїться залишатися сама вдома: причини - 24 Канал

Reasons why the kid is afraid to be home alone or even in a room can be a lot. And it is worth paying attention to and solve the problem that in the future the child does not have problems with mental health.

1. One reason might be intimidation of children by parents, reports, “Our mother”.

They especially like to tell you about a “do’er” who steals for bad behavior or the refusal to eat porridge. It may be remembered by the child for a long time and torture her.

2. Fear of losing mom and dad – another common reason is fear to be alone. Particularly sensitive children, strongly attached to their parents.


3. The transferred stress at school or in the yard with friends.

4. Fear can be generated as a result of participation or seen fire, disaster, floods and other emergency situations both in reality and on TV.

5. The fear of being alone at home may indicate diseases of the nervous system.

6. Experienced psychological trauma from a significant (violence) to consumer (animal bite) also leave an imprint on the psyche.

7. Also the child can have bad dreams.

Parents, it is important to find out what is causing the fear of baby – talk with your child, ask him to draw what she fears, and the like. In serious cases you should consult a specialist.


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