Why the child is naughty: tips for parents – 24 Channel

Чому дитина вередує: поради батькам - 24 Канал

There are three main reasons why your child may be cranky. If you meet one of them – the kid just calm down.

1. Often children begin to sulk and cry because of the fatigue and discomfort, according to Nashamama.

They want to sleep, drink, eat, them hot or presses clothes, or something hurts. So first wash, feed the baby, take his hands and the child will calm down.

2. Overstimulationwhen the child suddenly becomes hysterical, demanding something from you already and immediately – this is another reason of bad mood of the child. To relieve nervous tension, the child necessarily looking for the cause – in the same candy floss that she wants to “have”.


So try not to abuse a variety of entertainment like going to a movie or drive a car. Stop with the baby to feed pigeons crumbs or just look at the clouds.

3. When the child begins to experience the lack of attention – she, too, begins to act up. So don’t forget to regularly Express your love to Chad’s words, kisses and a joint business – it will help reduce the degree and to avoid tantrums.


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