“Why the heck I am unemployed”: Asmus preening before March 8 not for Kharlamov

«Нахрена мне безработный»: Асмус прихорашивается перед 8 марта не для Харламова

Care of Comedy Club on TNT, powerfully discussed in the media, could cost the Bulldog family. It is well known that the star couple “trouble”, a possible betrayal Christina Garik was forced to throw itself and to lose the human form, which can lead to its early dismissal from a project. And something tells us that Asmus, which only prettier, is prepared to “give themselves” to someone else.

Known all over the country one of the founders of the mega-popular project, and it is one of its characters, the show has always been known thanks to the obscene, but funny way materinka, pohabnik and alcoholic. But the trouble is, as usual, crept up from not waiting – on the part of women.

Back in December rumors about possible infidelity Asmus. Well maintained and updated Christine could not endure life image of Garik, who, it seems, had become his daily habit. Experts say that due to the tight schedule workaholic Bulldog lost the difference between work and life, and even homes began to appear in the role of “that Kharlamov”, which is so loved by the audience.

Laurels “nastavite horns” attributed to the Urgant that Asmus is not a measure of friendship. After all these rumors that powerfully replicated in the media, Garik, as if out of spite, gained weight, stopped shaving and began to sing obscene songs in his Instagram, where he regularly Pokhabov Golden hits of Soviet pop music.

Not sterpela such ambition Asmus in January went first to the Maldives and Dubai with her daughter, leaving her alone in Moscow. By the way, the pressure is welcome, it is actively used in the world by many women who want the enforced distance of influence on careless men. Here and there, apparently so.

Soon rumors about the possible resignation of Garik of Comedy that became a sensation – without it this project for a long time no one is. The reason cited was that he “completely lost the human form”. However, against all the family arguments, it can be understood. A rare man will be able to work effectively when at home he has a disorder and do not want to.

Asmus, in turn, becomes more beautiful, judging by her page. And regularly invests the erotic, Flirty photos, apparently, not Kharlamov. In addition, Christine is actively demonstrating your beauty treatments in the eve of March 8.

Obviously it is not for Garik, who looks all neglected and toskliva, fall asleep at work and generally glows with happiness. Unlike his wife, who obviously has a new boyfriend, whose name has not yet been solved. Someone in the network and said: “why the Heck I am unemployed”. But rumors are rumors, but still want to wish the young many years, together or apart.

«Нахрена мне безработный»: Асмус прихорашивается перед 8 марта не для Харламова

«Нахрена мне безработный»: Асмус прихорашивается перед 8 марта не для Харламова