Why the missile fell into the school yard in Lisichansk: version military – 24 Channel

Чому ракета впала на подвір'я школи у Личичанську: версія військових - 24 Канал

The fall of the rocket on the school yard in Lisichansk Luhansk region could be a consequence of shooting down enemy drones from the Ukrainian military. According to them, they accepted the decision on use of air defense, as was the threat to civilians and local oil refinery.

24 channel reported that in Lisichansk (controlled part of the Lugansk region) on the grounds of the local school fell of the rocket. The locals were convinced that there were at least two explosions. As a result, the schooling stopped and about 700 children were evacuated.

Subsequently, in the operational command North announced that in Lysychansk Ukrainian military tried to shoot down enemy drones.

On the morning of October 12, another air defense operational-tactical group “North” showed two drones that crossed the demarcation line and moved in the direction of the Lisichansk oil refinery. Both UAVs have been identified as shock and those that threaten the lives and health of civilians. It was decided to use air defense systems. As a result of reflection of the air attack one unmanned aerial vehicle of the enemy was shot down, the other managed to get back on the uncontrolled territory,
– stated in the message.

Also in the operational command of the claim that the defeat of air targets occurred at the height of 2 thousand meters.

“At the time of destruction, none of civilians didn’t suffer. This case once again confirms the cynicism and arrogance of the enemy. Because these days in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk are celebrations for the Day of defender of Ukraine”, – added fighters.

Note that in the message there are no words, one of the rockets fell in the school yard, but in the comments people write that it fragments one of the above just landed in the courtyard of the school.

“I saw two shots is identical. Someone somewhere has flown or not flown, it is not clear, and the details in the courtyard of the 27 schools saw,” say the users.

We will remind, about 4 nights October 9 at 6-m the Arsenal of the defense Ministry near the city Ichnia in Chernihiv happened fire and began to explode ammunition. The security Service of Ukraine has stated that they consider the version of a possible explosion at the ammunition depot of Chernigov. The military Prosecutor’s office, for its part, began to investigate the explosions at the Arsenal near Ichnya as negligence.

On 10 October the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said that for the Arsenal under Knew could lay explosives. The evening of October 10 at the Ministry of defense of Ukraine reported that the fire in military warehouses near Ichnia in Chernihiv region had been eliminated.

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