Why the negative characters in the movies don’t use the iPhone: the explanations of the Director

American Director Rian Johnson confirmed the observation of users, in the movies Apple products use only positive characters. Moreover, he even explained why this is so.

What the well-known Director

Ryan Johnson – Director of the film “Star wars: the Last Jedi”, “looper” and “breaking bad” – said in an interview with Vanity Fair, why in movies are negative characters don’t use iPhones and other Apple devices.

Apple … They allow you to use your iPhone in the movies, but (this is a turning point) the bad guys can’t show on iPhone
– said Johnson.

What is written in the rules of Apple

Apple is known for its strict rules regarding how the gadgets should be used to display and to be photographed.

Under these instructions of the Apple device should be portrayed in good light in such a way or in such a context, which is positively reflected on Apple products or the company as a whole.

Users have noticed this pattern 10 years ago

We will note, earlier users have noticed that in films and television shows Apple products used by positive characters. For example, when about ten years ago was the series “24 hours”, users have noticed that positive heroes use Apple Mac, and a negative normal PC.

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