Why the pigment appears: the terrible truth

Почему на коже появляются пигментные пятна: жуткая правда

Researchers have studied the nature of the appearance of pigment spots on the skin. It turned out, their cause is exhaust from cars, writing newsyou.info.

The experiment revealed a direct relationship between the level of exhaust in the air of the cities with this problem. It turned out the polluted air is the cause the most pronounced changes on the skin. Such spots are called lentiginosa, the researchers emphasize that the disease, not just a cosmetic defect.

Edition of Investigative Dermatology published an article about the study, indicates that in polluted air, in addition to solid particles, also have an increased concentration of NO2, nitrogen dioxide. That it affects the lungs and may even cause cancer.

Failed to establish that the excess presence of NO2 in air does not contribute to lentiginosa on the hands and forearms. However, the formation of age spots on the cheeks scientists believe the result of the influence of this gas.

The defect was noted in the age group of women older than 50 years and was celebrated as the German and Chinese ladies. When the concentration of NO2 the risk of the formation of dark spots in the face area increases by almost 25%.