Why the scandal has caused the reorganization of the children’s clinics in Ukraine the shortage of pediatricians or the inability of the authorities to talk with their parents?

Почему вызвала скандал реорганизация детских поликлиник в Николаеве: дефицит педиатров или неумение власти разговаривать с родителями?

More than 2.5 thousand parents Ingulsky district signed a petition to the mayor with trebovaniem to veto the recent decision of session of city Council and save the children’s polyclinic in the street Cosmonauts.

Reorganization of children’s medical institutions in Nikolaev surely coming to a major scandal. Sauté the municipality tried at the briefing, which was held today in the premises of the Nikolaev city Council.

The head of the city health administration Irina Shamray considers only a legal formality, the Association of children’s clinics №3 and №4 with the children’s hospital No. 2, and all the problems doctors explain only a shortage of pediatricians and specialists in treating childhood illnesses. Parents say the closure of a number of offices and “creeping” the elimination of the children’s clinic, which catered to 14 thousand children, reports correspondent Newsmir.info.

On March 14 at the plenary session of the 51 city Council adopted a decision concerning the reform of the second level of medical care. As communal non-profit enterprise CPMD already operating and legally registered, there was a question about hospitals. The question for each hospital was considered by the standing committees of the city Council, the decision was made public on the website of the city Council, as expected, within 20 days. Therefore, the March 14 MPs voted for the transformation of all institutions of secondary level in municipal non-commercial enterprise. It is planned that on July 19, 2019 enterprises of the second level will enter into agreements with the National health service of Ukraine. This step will provide additional funding from the state budget: the 50 facilities for which the city may receive additional funds, other than those already obtained at the expense of subventions from the state budget. Since joining children’s clinics №3 and №4 was approved at the end of last year, it was included in the decision to vote – said Irina Shamray.

“On Kosmonavtov St., 144 set up a family clinic, where patients take 5 pediatricians CPSD No. 2, and the branch of children’s polyclinic No. 2 where work narrow specialists” – said Irina Shamray.

The actual lack of physicians, medical officials attributed the shortage of specialists, not the intent to reduce the facility.

“We are trying to solve the problem with the staff, fight for what came to us young professionals on the post of children’s infectious diseases specialist, surgeon, otolaryngologist, allergist, gastroenterologist. Unfortunately, such experts have enough. No doctor and no we are not cutting rates. Moreover, at my request, the doctors working in the hospital at children’s hospital No. 2, will try to allocate hours to serve young people Ingulsky district, may, probably, will begin accepting children’s gastroenterologist,” says Tatiana Georgieva, the head physician of children’s hospital No. 2.

His subordinates tried to support the mayor Alexander Senkevich, who also came to jurnalistam on the briefing. But several attending parents from Ingulsky district and community activists pelted him with questions which the mayor has failed. The phrase “don’t interrupt the mayor”, “perhaps we should invite a sign language interpreter” or “engage your kids” is hardly an example of successful communication in terms of objectively very difficult period of health reform.