Why the Toyota Prius has gone from the Russian market

Почему Toyota Prius ушла с российского рынка

Hatchback Toyota Prius with a hybrid power plant without warning left the Russian market: the car simply disappeared from the list of presented models. Authorized dealers also stopped selling the car. But fans of the brand and eco-friendly transport is not worth much upset ahead of time.

The reason for the mysterious disappearance rather prosaic. In the Russian media spread information that the Toyota Prius will come to us after upgrade and previous cars in the domestic warehouses simply ended, selling to buyers.

But the timing of the “return” of the Japanese hybrid has not yet sounded. The thing is that the car is in great demand in other countries, the Russians will see the car when these markets will become saturated. We just have to model the demand, to put it mildly, small. Over the past year sold a total of 23 of the Prius. The hatch continues to hold the position of most popular hybrid in the world.

Recall that the price tag on the Prius started 2 322 000. Most likely, after the update the machine will become even more expensive. By the way, “pyatidverka” in one of the trim levels will be offered with all-wheel drive: traction at the rear wheels comes from the additional electric motor.