Why until the end of 2019 it is not necessary to expect increase of interest rates on deposits

Почему до конца 2019 года не стоит ждать повышения ставок по депозитам

Liquidity of the banking system is fully stabilized, so the reasons for the growth rates there.

“The only exception is banks that engaged in risky consumer lending and have a strong need for liquidity during the seasonal periods,” – said the Deputy Chairman of the Board for the retail business UkrSibbank Konstantin Lezhnin.

Director of retail banking ukrgazbanka Oleg Klapko predicts that the situation may change the results of the presidential election. The drop in interest rates could push the NBU.

“Considering the possible reduction of the NBU discount rate and forecasts of slowing inflation, it cannot be excluded a return to the trend of gradual decrease in Deposit rates,” suggests the chief of sector of development of retail business of OTP Bank Marina Dolzhikova.

According to the NBU, the annual rate UIRD is 15.25%, six-month – 15,15%, three-month – 14,42%. The average rate on long-term hryvnia deposits for the banking system is 15.8%, and short – 14,2%.

According to “Financial club” in the project “50 leading banks of Ukraine – 2019”, to the end of the year fluctuations in rates would be small.

“Probably in the second quarter, we can observe a slight fluctuation of interest rates in a corridor plus-a minus of 0,5-1%. it will All depend on current liquidity, lending activity, inflation, economic situation in the country and the outcome of the presidential election. Hope that sudden shocks will not happen, and rates will begin to decline gradually. So now seems as good a time to commit a high income on Deposit for the long term”, – says the Director of the Department for development of retail products at Alfa-Bank Evgeny Blaginin.

However, the head of savings and transaction services, Raiffeisen Bank Aval Serhiy ANNIKOV expects a rate cut in mid-summer.

“So customers who have spare money, try to fix the current level of rates”, – says Sergey ANNIKOV. Because banks are interested in extending the resource base, the highest return they offer on deposits for a period of more than six months.