Why wireless charging is not effective

Почему беспроводные зарядки не эффективны

Manufacturers already are “wireless future”, and there are already phones that don’t have a port for the classic charge. However, wireless charging is convenient in theory, but in practice this technology is delighted only 29% of users.

Here are a few reasons that make wireless charging impractical.

The lack of a unified standard

Manufacturers, wishing to be enriched, developed a number of wireless charging standards that are incompatible with each other. Popular today technology can be called Qi, AirFuel, NFMC, RF, Ultrasound. After Apple chose Qi, the latter began to be considered the de facto standard. Wired charging today use standard USB.

No time savings

Wireless charging is less efficient and therefore requires more time compared to wired. Most wired adapters now have 12 watts of power, but the wireless are only 7.5 or 10 Watt. The charging time is affected by the accuracy of placement of the gadget on the Mat or the stand and the presence of cover. Special modes quick wireless charging have limited support in gadgets.

Wireless restrictions in movement

With wired charging, even when the gadget is charging, you can continue to use and to have a certain freedom of movement in the distance of the wire. Wireless technology can transmit power at a distance of a few centimeters, so to charge the device will succeed only if it does not touch. It is impossible or inconvenient to answer the phone, write a post on the social network to send a response in the messenger, etc., because the gadget should be fixed.

Hidden wire

Modern wireless technologies of charging are not really. They just hide the last few centimeters of wire that connects the gadget. From the pad or stand is a common wire that ends with the network adapter. Today the only technology which will charge devices at a distance by the principle of Wi-Fi.

Почему беспроводные зарядки не эффективны

“Biting” price

For fun put your gadget on the Mat and not to use it until it charged, you have to pay a lot of money, if you compare the price of a regular network adapter. The available wireless charging station cost 15-30 dollars, more fashionable will cost 60-100 dollars.

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