Why without a muzzle: drunk COP brutally killed with a disability

Почему без намордника: пьяный коп зверски расправился с инвалидом

In the Russian social networks the police of Novosibirsk caught in a scandal. There was a fierce video “in the performance” inadequate law enforcers of the Russian Federation.

Social networking has played a real scandal regarding the ugly and violent behavior of the police of Novosibirsk.

The COP was out of line after the street one of the city districts saw people walk their dog on a leash but without a muzzle. Supposedly that is the answer of the owner of the animal has led police officers into a rage.

“January 4 drunk (so they say victims) police officer Eugene Budoka out on the street Titov. There he saw an adult couple with a dog that was on leash but without a muzzle (and pouncing). The answer did not suit him, and there was uniform a game”, -wrote in his telegrams-channel public Mash.

After that, as is written in the message, a policeman knocked down the dog owner, which as it turned out, was an invalid of the 2nd group, and begins to beat.

“Hits his wife and dog, no one intervenes. At this time by passing the daughter and her boyfriend, see this hell hinder him, on camera, leave, the second daughter, tells everything in instace. Justice prevails? No, the victims sew article for assaulting a police officer, SC on the side of the cops (says Budoka was sober and the dog bit him), all threaten hell of a time. Russia”, – says Mash.

In GU Ministry of internal Affairs across the Novosibirsk region, according to Russian media said that a police officer allegedly politely asked the disabled man who was walking his dog on a long leash, but not too short to wear a muzzle. Supposedly it asked passers-by, who was afraid to go past them.

Further, the heads of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Novosibirsk, says that the host began to swear in a government representative, and the dog attacked the COP and bit him.

The incident was recorded at the police station, where he was taken a married couple with a dog.

Additionally, authorities say that the examination showed no blood alcohol police.