Why women like to cuddle: scientists have named the cause

Почему женщины любят обниматься: ученые назвали причину

Scientists from the University of Arizona, USA believe that the desire to cuddle may be inherent in the people genetically, at least in females.

According to them, the propensity for affectionate behavior determined by genes almost half, however, it can be an adaptive trait that has evolved in the course of evolution. The study is published in the journal Communication Monographs.

He investigates the manifestations of sympathy in close relationships and its effect on stress and physiological functioning.

“In my industry it is accepted that when we see the differences in different types of social behavior, such as how talkative people, shy or affectionate, we can adopt these features, borrow them from our environment,” – said the scientist.

He and his colleagues studied 464 pairs of twins aged from 19 to 84 years. About half of them were homozygous (born from one egg) and the other heterozygous (different). It is noted that twin studies are often used to study how external and internal, as well as genetic factors influence specific human traits. Because the twins usually grow up together, they receive very similar education and similar life experiences in childhood (homozygous twins have 100% common genes, heterozygous – 50%).

In the experiment, each participant was evaluated on nine-point scale of approval, is devoted to expressions of love and sympathy, their means of expression, from kind words to a hug. Respondents were asked to indicate how they are characterized by a particular behavior.

It turned out that homozygous pairs of twins have scored more points than heterozygous. According to scientists, this suggests that affectionate behavior may be genetically.

The researchers note that genetic differences in the manifestations of sympathy to affect only women, as the results of men among Homo – and heterozygous twins did not differ. So, on average, the propensity for affectionate behavior in women was caused genetically by 45%.

It is assumed that affectionate behavior is more beneficial for the health of women and helps them to cope with stressful situations more than men, the researchers note. They believe, they say, in part, this may be the reason that women more often than men inherit the tendency to such behavior.

Почему женщины любят обниматься: ученые назвали причину

Почему женщины любят обниматься: ученые назвали причину