Why WWDC 2020 could take place in virtual reality

Почему WWDC 2020 может пройти в виртуальной реальности

A few years ago, Tim cook told that Apple is very interested in the technologies of virtual and augmented reality. And yesterday it became known that Apple buys another company that is associated with the development of VR – called NextVR. For $ 100 million, among other things. What it is on account this company is the fifth? Eighth? Even difficult to remember. But it is possible to find out what this technology, and how Apple can adapt it to fit your needs.

Virtual reality promises a brighter experience with the technology and the environment due to the immersion of the user in the created by technological means the environment that simulates the real world. Here is the larger screens that transmit the visual image, the user literally through their senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch and other) go into the computer scene and can act within it according to the limits programmed script.
We already have virtual reality helmetsthat allow you to feel the smells. They look weird, but cool idea.
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A virtual reality helmet in Half-Life Alyx

In General, VR steel to use for a long time. Initially, the technology has found its application in the entertainment industry and used as attractions in amusement parks. A little later, the technology has attracted military structures that have begun to use it in aircraft simulators. By the way, military simulations often lagged behind in quality and smooth running of the entertainment.

Now there are a variety of virtual reality helmets, and the technology has advanced even further. As example we can take the sequel to Half-Life Alyx in VR: I remember back in computer clubs spend hours on the map Crossfire and ran into the bunker waiting for the nuclear explosion, and now you can just wear a helmet and immerse yourself in the game.

Moreover, Half-Life: Alyx adapted for other purposes – for example, a teacher from San Diego had a lesson in geometry for seventh grade in virtual reality helmets. Quarantine and isolation, what can you do. But the idea, though it sounds incredible, was a very cool and logical. Students are able to attend the class right at home.

As will be WWDC 2020

Почему WWDC 2020 может пройти в виртуальной реальности

Почему WWDC 2020 может пройти в виртуальной реальности

Почему WWDC 2020 может пройти в виртуальной реальности