Why you must substitute regular salt for the sea

Зачем необходимо заменить обычную соль на морскую

Dietician Lyudmila Babich advised to stop using iodized salt and instead go to sea. The medic claims that ordinary salt provokes swelling, holding water in the body.

“Increasingly, I notice yourself swelling? Analyze your diet – maybe you eat too much salty and spicy write. To avoid puffiness, replace ordinary table sea salt that contains valuable minerals and will not cause swelling,” explained nutritionist.

According to Lyudmila Babich, a full transition to a diet of fruit and vegetables leads to a slight increase in the volume of the body. So vegetables and fruits should not be abused before any event where you need to be in good shape.

Moreover, the consumption of vegetables and fruit on an empty stomach with 100% probability leads to bloating.

“In order not to suffer from bloat, you should prefer baked, boiled and steamed vegetables,” – said Babic.