Why you should eat tomatoes: top 5 reasons

Почему нужно есть помидоры: топ-5 причин

A group of scientists led a number of studies and found out why it is imperative there are tomatoes. Thus, it became known that this vegetable has many medicinal properties, in the vernacular it is called “vegetable pharmacy.” So, we understand why it is so important to eat tomatoes, says foodandmood.com.ua.

Improve metabolism

Tomatoes perfectly break up the metabolism, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, regulate metabolism, restores the water-salt balance. No less useful in this case is tomato juice.

Fight inflammation

Tomatoes have anti-inflammatory properties, so they are often recommended in various diseases, increase of body temperature. Tomatoes – the enemy of viruses, infections bacteria.

Improve reproductive function

Reproductive system of both sexes tomatoes are equally useful. Vitamin E, included in tomato is beneficial to health of the cervix in women and prostate in men. Lycopene in tomatoes reduces the likelihood of developing cancer of the reproductive organs.

Reduce cholesterol

For those who have a cholesterol level in the blood exceeds the limit, be sure to use tomatoes. Of course, you need to revise your diet in a healthy way, to get rid of bad habits, and tomatoes will help to deal with the consequences of the admission of harmful cholesterol in the body.

Stimulate the kidneys and intestine

Tomatoes have a positive effect on the kidneys and bowels, stimulate the production of hormones necessary for their operation, withdrawal of salt and prevent their deposition. For the intestines marinated tomatoes useful, because they contain lactic acid.