Wife of Bryant for the first time commented on the death of her husband and daughter: They were taken from us too soon

The wife of Kobe Bryant Vanessa for the first time after the death of her husband posted a message on instagram. Vanessa Bryant has publicly responded to the tragic death of Coby and daughter Gianna.

Vanessa Bryant thanked the millions of people for support. “Thank you for your prayers, because they really need us. We are amazed at the sudden loss of my beloved Kobi – the amazing father of our children, and my beautiful, bright Gianna – loving and wonderful daughter, a great sister for Natalia, Bianca and Capri”.

Vanessa also wrote and worried about the families who lost their loved ones in the crash. “We deeply share their grief”.

Not enough words to describe the pain that we feel. It becomes easier just knowing that Coby and Gigi knew how much you love them. We are very lucky that they were in our lives. I’d like to keep them with us always. They were taken from us too early
– posted by Vanessa.

“Don’t know what awaits us next – I can’t imagine life without them. But we Wake up every day trying to keep going forward, because Kobe and our little Gigi we Shine to show the way. Our love for them is infinite and immeasurable. Would like to have the opportunity again to hug them, to kiss and bless. They were here with us, always,” added Vanessa.

“Thank you for sharing with us your joy, your grief and support us. We count on your respect for our privacy that will need so we can spravitsya with everything in this new reality”, – summed up the wife of Bryant.

What is known about the death of Kobe Bryant?

The crash occurred near Los Angeles, namely, near the town of Calabash, on the morning of January 26 local time. Probably, the accident occurred on the 25 minute flight. Before that, at an altitude of 500 meters with a car lost contact. The Federal aviation administration reported that the accident occurred under “unknown circumstances”.

Onboard there were 9 people, all died. Except for Kobe Bryant and his daughter in the helicopter flying partner Gianni on the basketball team Alyssa and her father is a probably 56-year-old coach in College baseball orange-Costa – John the Altobelli. Also with them was the child’s mother and coach’s wife – Cary the Altobelli. In addition, killing the pilot of the helicopter.

Also, the media has published the latest minutes of the negotiation of pilot helicopter Kobe Bryant and Manager.

While flying over Los Angeles hung strong morning fog at airports has been delayed a few flights. According to the NY Post and TMZ, during this period, because of the weather conditions do not fly even police helicopters.

Also at the crash site of the helicopter Sikorsky S-76 have not found the flight data recorder.