Wife Turchynov made a new scandalous statement about LGBT – 24 Channel

Дружина Турчинова зробила нову скандальну заяву про ЛГБТ - 24 Канал

The wife of the Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine, candidate of pedagogical Sciences Anna Turchynov has accused the world’s richest people in collusion to create LGBT. Wife Turchynov also said that the institution of marriage in Ukraine is in danger and supposedly it was to protect him.

About this Turchynov wrote in the article “Homo-dictatorship. Part 2. A wolf in sheep’s clothing” online resource “Censor.NO.”

There was a movement under the guise of equality and non-discrimination, and using more resources of the richest families in the world (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans, Soros, bill gates, etc.), with the help of the UN and agroinstitute decided that they and their money have the right to decide the fate of the planet and regulate the number of people on Earth
the article says the wife of the Secretary of the NSDC.

She noted that in 1995 at the world conference on women in Beijing was the beginning of concepts such as “health and freedom, women’s empowerment, quality services, reproductive health”. Then it was decided to replace the concept of “gender” the notion of “gender”.

“The new concept was to help achieve the triple goal: to lead to the “essential equality” of men and women, make the deconstruction of sexual identity of men and women, make the deconstruction of “normative heterosexuality” – expressed the belief Turchinov.

According to her, in 2007 GOK art we developed 29 principles that would make all kinds of identity, including homosexual.

Turchynov has translated the ideology of “normal language”, noting that girls and boys “will change their behavior to 100 times a day” and “all apropaganda should be the norm, despite the norms of public morality of the country.”

This means that there must be established independent from the state authorities, a kind of gender (LGBT) police, which will establish oversight and to punish anyone who in its opinion, somehow acted against the LGBT community. From society’s need to suppress and criminalize all forms of resistance to gender (LGBT) ideology
– neprognoziruemo wife Turchinov.

We will remind, in June of 2018 Anna Turchynov said that LGBT people are “abnormal” homosexuality is a disease, and discrimination against women in Ukraine does not exist.

After these statements, human rights organizations appealed to the rector of the pedagogical University named after Dragomanov in Kiev with the request to dismiss Anna Turchynov – decance this institution because of her statements.

What is LGBT? The acronym that emerged in the English language to refer to lesbians (Lesbian), gays (Gay), bisexual (Bisexual) and transgender (Transgender). The acronym was adopted as a self of people that cooperate on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity, the majority of public organizations and mass media in the United States and some other English-speaking countries and later in most countries of the world.

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