Wilder accused his suit in the defeat of the fury: he weighed 18 pounds

Deontay Wilder has described the suit in which he came to fight against Tyson fury, the cause of defeat in battle. According to the American boxer, he was very heavy.

According to Wilder, the suit weighed 18 pounds.

“My suit was too heavy for me. From the beginning of the battle I have two left feet. It was obvious that I have problems with the feet. Many said that with me something not so. I understand that her legs gave out because of the costume. I first tried on the costume the night before the battle and didn’t think it would be so hard,” said Wilder in comments to Yahoo Sports.

  • The battle of the Wilder – fury took place on 22 February. It was a duel for the title of world champion under version WBC in the heavyweight division, which at that time was owned by Wilder. The battle ended with the victory fury in the seventh round a technical knockout.
  • For Wilder it was the first defeat in his professional career.
  • During the fight Wilder was twice knocked down.
  • For boxers it was the second fight between them. Before 1 December 2018 between them was a draw, and then the belt remained with the Wilder.
  • The Wilder has the right within 30 days to request a rematch.