Will be stronger than a nut: a experts reported on the impact of avocados on the male libido

Будет крепче ореха: эксперты рассказали о влиянии авокадо на мужское либидо

Many have heard about the useful functions such fruits as avocados. But recently doctors told why it is very important to men.

Doctors claim that if a man wants to maintain his strength and health, he must enter into your diet avocado. This fruit contains a huge amount of useful components that positively affect the health of the stronger sex.

It should be noted immediately that the avocado is quite rich in calories as it contains a lot of fat. Because it contains fat, so enough calories – 160 kcal per 100 grams. If you can is to be overweight, you should not overly use it.

Doctors claim that avocados can help to improve male potency. In this respect, the fruit is just miraculous properties.

Thanks to this fruit is possible to maintain and restore male power. Avocado is recommended to use for potency by combining it with seafood or preparing it on the basis of sauces and cocktails.

With carnitine to provide the adequate amount of oxygen, which is necessary for erections and blood flow to the genitals for faster arousal.

In addition, in your part of the avocado also contains folic acid. It helps to improve reproductive function in men. With a shortage of folic acid young cells become sluggish and inactive, significantly reducing the quality of sperm.