Will complete the war: the alarming Outlook for Russia’s plans for Crimea

Будет полноценная война: тревожный прогноз по планам России на Крым

Russia has not refused to create a land corridor to occupied Crimea, which is a serious threat to Ukraine is not excluded, a full-scale offensive military of the aggressor country.

According to the chief consultant of the Department of military and military-economic policy of the National Institute for strategic studies Mykola Belenkova, on the Peninsula there is really a group of forces, capable of offensive action.

“If the offensive, to gain control of the Odessa, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, and this is a full-fledged war. The legend on the protection of the Russian population, as it was in the Donbas, then it does not pass. A scenario of possible invasion worked out, news about a regular exercises in the region, a proof”, he said.

The expert added that there are 57th infantry brigade, battalion of Marines, ie Russian troops will be someone to meet. In addition, the Crimean isthmus that connects the Peninsula with the mainland, more suitable for defense than for attack.

In turn, a political expert ICPS Mykola Kapitonenko believes that Russia will not go on further escalation, because it is already resigned to the loss of our country. The main tasks in Ukraine, Moscow has hit – away the Crimea and creating a problem in the Donbass in the years ahead.