Will fly by the Earth and unusual asteroid

Мимо Земли пролетит необычный астероид

25 may will fly by the Earth asteroid, with a diameter reaching 1.32 km and a speed of 77 thousand kilometers per hour. It is interesting that this asteroid has its own satellite.

Writes Naked science, the asteroid will fly at a distance of 5.18 million kilometers from Earth.

What is known about the asteroid? The heavenly body was named 1999 KW4. The asteroid was discovered on may 29, 1998. It has its own satellite, so technically a celestial body is referred to as a dual system.

Is there a danger? Researchers at the minor planet Center Smithsonian astrophysical Observatory took an asteroid to the category of potentially dangerous. However, the chance that it will change its orbit and collide with Earth is minimal.

The next time the celestial body comes closer to our planet in 2036.

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