Will help against cancer: Scientists have proved the benefit of one product

Поможет против рака: Ученые доказали пользу одного продукта

Experts from Israel have been able to prove that broccoli prevents the development of cancer. As reported Newsmir.info the molecule indole-3-carbinol (I3C) contained in broccoli affects the activity of genes associated with cancer. During the experiment on rodents, scientists were able to establish that the molecule blocks the formation of malignant tumors.

It is reported that Israeli experts were injected with this molecule in mice. For some time scientists observed the rodents and found that the molecule reduces the activity of the gene, because of the formed malignant new formations. However, as emphasized by scientists, a molecule is contained in broccoli and some other products in minimum quantity. Basically, we are talking about cabbage. To obtain the required dose of the molecule, you need a day to eat about 3 kg of broccoli. Scientists have promised that will soon create a drug based on this molecule, which can protect people from cancer.

It should be noted that scientists have repeatedly said about the benefits of broccoli. This cabbage is one of the best foods for diet and protection against many diseases.