Will rule until death? Angered Putin journalist spoke about his ambitions

Будет править до смерти? Разозливший Путина журналист рассказал о его амбициях

At its annual press conference Russian President Vladimir Putin gave to understand that he is not going to leave the Donbass, and to leave the presidency of the country in 2024.

About this in the article for TSN wrote journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk. “The topic of Ukraine do not give rest to Putin. In fact, he explicitly says that while alive, to Ukraine to negotiate with him will not succeed,” he said.

The journalist pointed to the fact that Putin staged a “4-hour show he calls the press conference”.

“And de facto officially acknowledged that Moscow claims on the Eastern and southern Ukraine. And supplying heavy weapons to the occupying power of Donbass and print out, your tanks not going,” – said Tsymbalyuk.

He added that the question to the Russian President about whether he plans to retain power after 2024 and intends to lead a unified state on the basis of Russia and Belarus, did not hear a clear answer.

“Instead of answering, reflections on one nation – Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians. So there is reason to think that the Kremlin’s master has in mind their historical mission to restore USSR 2.0 or is it still the plan lifetime of the Board”, – the journalist summed up.


  • Roman Tsymbalyuk gave bright “battle” with Vladimir Putin at the annual communication of the President of the Russian Federation with journalists.