Will the TV series based on the novels Pratchett “Discworld”

Выйдет сериал по романам Пратчетта «Плоский мир»

According to Variety, the development is a multi-part TV show based on a series of novels by Terry Pratchett “Discworld”.

A series of “Flat world” has just forty-one book. They are written in the genre of humorous fiction. The action takes place in a fictional surreal world that is a giant disk that rests on the backs of four elephants who in turn stand on the shell of a huge turtle. Pratchett parodies the canons of the fantastic and fantasy genres and simultaneously makes fun of and exposes the flaws of reality.

The first book of the series called “the Colour of magic” was published in 1983, the last (“Shepherd’s crown”) in 2015.

While it is unknown what kind of novels will be the basis for an upcoming show.