Will travel abroad: former FSB officers were forbidden to travel outside Russia

Станут невыездными: бывшим сотрудникам ФСБ запретили выезжать за пределы России

Vladimir Putin has restricted the right to travel ex-employees of the FSB of Russia.

The President signed the law on temporary restriction, the portal reports the Facts. The maximum period of prohibition is five years, starting from the date of dismissal. To distinguish the exit from the Russian Federation shall determine the administration of the FSB. The bill was developed by deputies from United Russia Vasily Piskarev, Ernest Valeev, Alexander Khinshtein and Adalbi Shhagoshev.

The justification for this restriction is the detention of former employees of FSB abroad. According to the authors of the bill, a provision aimed to protect the Russian military and civilians in hostile countries from such detention.

To the staff of the Federal security service were not allowed to leave the country only if they have access to classified information. Also, the interior Ministry forbade staff to leave Russia in the case where it does not approve the user.

The FSB is the main security Agency of Russia and the main successor of the KGB (“Committee for state security”). Its main responsibilities are within the country and include counter-intelligence, internal and border security, counter-terrorism and surveillance as well as investigation some other types of serious crimes and violations of Federal law.

It was also reported that in Paris there was a meeting in the Normandy format with the leaders of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia. Vladimir Zelensky said that he shook hands with Vladimir Putin, but he stressed that if Russia will return the occupied territory, he agreed to shake hands with the Russian President as many times as required.

Станут невыездными: бывшим сотрудникам ФСБ запретили выезжать за пределы России