Will “wet” system: Goncharuk made an important statement about corruption

Будет «мочить» системно: Гончарук сделал важное заявление о коррупции

Alexey Goncharuk is going to change the heads of the SFS.

New performing SFS head Sergei Solodchenko, who shall at the direction of the Prime Minister to dismiss the heads of regional and regional departments, reports portal Westie.

“Corruption is necessary to “wet” system. Its extortion at the highest level, we undertook state-owned enterprises,” – said Goncharuk, in his telegram channel.

The Prime Minister said that he agreed with the Solodchenko to change branch managers of fiscal service to deal with shady schemes.

In addition, Alexey Goncharuk called the construction scheme is one of the most corrupt and said that at the moment there is an ongoing discussion about the dissolution of the State architectural and construction inspection of Ukraine.

He also said that the government was going to fight corruption in the energy sector.

“We are already changing the management of “Centrenergo” and the three power companies. This will accelerate the development of these enterprises to transparent privatization”, – said he.

New acting head of Fiscal services, was appointed on February 12. In this position, he Denys Gutenko by order of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 107-R and the No. 108-R.

Recall that the portal Wall wrote that Vladimir Zelensky was summoned by Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk and the head of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. Zelensky heard the report of the officials as to what has been done to reduce the cost of gas for the population. In turn, Goncharuk stressed that the reduction of tariffs for Ukrainians every effort has been made. The head of state wanted to hear, what amounts specified in the payment Ukrainians. Prime Goncharuk said that the duties of the President done everything possible.

We also reported that Goncharuk stunned disturbing statement about the coronavirus. He said that coronavirus still may enter the territory of Ukraine and not because of the evacuees. Because of all the tourists arriving home from Europe. We should not exclude such a possibility, if the passenger is flying with transfers.

Будет «мочить» системно: Гончарук сделал важное заявление о коррупции