Win only Dynamo and Shakhtar, the aggravation of the intrigue in the fight for the top 6: results of Matchday 21

Побеждают только "Динамо" и "Шахтер", обострение интриги в борьбе за топ-6: итоги 21 тура

The penultimate round of the first part of the championship of Ukraine on football was marked by the fact that four games out of six ended in a draw. In some games there were more penalties than opportunities. Only Dynamo and Shakhtar have pleased their fans. With devastating scores. About the main results of the 21st round of the Premier League in the review Спорт24.

Dry weather

The tour was opened with three matches on Saturday, March 9. “Mariupol” took “Chernomorets”. Subsequently, “Vorskla” played against “Gums”. Finally, the “lions” competed with “Dawn”. All three games were at different times, but ended with the same score – 0:0. However, five of the six teams fighting for the top-6. And before this tour is still not guaranteed a place at the top of the championship.

It all started in Mariupol. The local team was unable to score against Chornomorets. Odessa, which frankly ruined the start of the season in 2018, in 2019, demonstrating a rather good game that allows them to qualify for earned points.

But in 2019 “fever” “Vorskla”. And unlike the two previous matches, when Poltava missed seven goals, this time they managed to keep its gates. To score but failed. So the team risks not to get in the top 6 at the end of the first half of the season.

So also in the next game, “Vorskla” will not be able to count on two defenders – Kan and Chizhov received a red card in the game against Desna.

Match without goals and with the seizure played in Lviv. Here in the house “dawn”. And unlike other teams, Luhansk due to this dialed points are guaranteed a hit in the first half of the standings and fight for the European competitions next season.

Побеждают только "Динамо" и "Шахтер", обострение интриги в борьбе за топ-6: итоги 21 тура

Lions” and “dawn” goals are not scored (photo: FC “Lviv”)

“Lions”, despite having chances and not scoring. Therefore, the decision of destiny of one of the places in the top 6 will happen in the match between direct competitors – “Desna” will accept “lions.” While both teams are now outside the top 6 at seventh and eighth places respectively. But they are separated by only one point, and Chernihiv team the same number of points as the sixth “Vorskla”.

Shakhtar Gromit “Karpaty”

Five of the eleven goals scored in 21-m round, and flew into the goal of FC Karpaty. Scored by Shakhtar Donetsk. The team immediately took the initiative, and at the beginning of the match stepped forward. Before the break the score was devastating. In this match Victor Kovalenko scored twice. And for “miners” made its debut, the Brazilian Marcos Antonio.

“Karpaty” lost the next match Martin to the Ongal. the midfielder received two yellow cards in this match.

With this victory, Shakhtar scored 54 points and remained in first place. Separation from the Dynamo is further seven points.

Gift for Fonseca

This victory was a gift for the head coach of Shakhtar Paulo Fonseca. The Pitmen’s head coach before son was born. So the players after a point is scored by the special congratulated him.

Побеждают только "Динамо" и "Шахтер", обострение интриги в борьбе за топ-6: итоги 21 тура

The Shakhtar players congratulate their coach Paulo Fonseca with the birth of his son (Photo: FC “Shakhtar”)

The offer from Shakhtar

Shakhtar not only congratulated his coach. Before the match, a gift received and a fan of “miners” Alexei Moskalenko. He is a disabled group. Due to osteoporosis he is forced to move in a wheelchair. However, as a devoted fan of Shakhtar, Alex attends almost every home game of the Pitmen in the stadium “Metalist” in Kharkov. On 10 March before the game with Karpaty the Pitmen’s goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov and captain Tyson immediately after his arrival at the stadium went to the field, where he met with fans on behalf of the entire team presented him with a gift – universal wheelchair.

Побеждают только "Динамо" и "Шахтер", обострение интриги в борьбе за топ-6: итоги 21 тура

Andriy Pyatov and Tyson handed universal wheelchair fan Alexei Moskalenko (photo: FC “Shakhtar”)

Dynamo wins Derby “Arsenal”

Another defeat took place in Kiev “Dynamo” in the first half scored four goals against Arsenal. The brace Denys Harmash. The last time a midfielder scored almost a year ago April 22, 2018 at the gate then still Rivne “Veres”.

“Dynamo” continues a pursuit for “Shakhtar” and the third breaks away from the “Alexandria” on 9 points. Arsenal continue in last place.

Feil Horseshoes

Especially the “distinguished” in this match the goalkeeper of “Arsenal” Roman Horseshoe. In addition to the penalty, the goalkeeper at least twice almost brought goals into his own net. The first time I decided to be crafty in his penalty area and was immediately punished by Saperecom. But the goal of “Dynamo” then it is not scored. The second time – after a pass failed to stop the ball after a pass, in fact, throwing off his chest.

“Alexandria” is losing the victory in most

To close the tour dropped the match “Alexandria” – “Olimpik”. And here, too, not revealed the winner. And also not without removal. And at least scored goals. While om still twice hit the crossbar of the opponent’s goal.

All the match was decided in the second half. Goal by Kirill Kovalets Marseille responded with a blow of Matara. At the same time that “Olympic” has already played in the minority.

And where is the audience?

If the last tour there were three matches where it was collected more than 10 thousand viewers, on this tour this was not. Unpleasantly surprised “lions” – 949 spectators at the match against Zorya. The third Alexandria has managed to collect only 1063 fans at the match. And just for the Dynamo in the Derby came 7686 spectators. But that’s only a tenth of what accommodates NSK “Olympic”.

Побеждают только "Динамо" и "Шахтер", обострение интриги в борьбе за топ-6: итоги 21 тура

Empty stands in the match Oleksandriya (photo: FC “Alexandria”)

The results of the matches

Mariupol – Chernomorets 0:0

Vorskla – Desna 0:0
Removal: Kane, 83, Chizhov, 90+3 (Vorskla)

Lviv – Zorya 0:0
Removal: Paramonov, 79

Shakhtar Vs Karpaty 5:0
Goals: Kovalenko, 6, 64, Matvienko, 35, Maicon, 44, Tyson, 79
Removal: Of Ongal, 78 (Carpathians)

Dynamo – Arsenal-Kyiv 4:0
Goals: Garmash, 28, 39, Sickly, 36, Tsigankov, 45+1 (pen.)

Alexandria – Marseille 1:1
Goals: Kovalets, 69 – Matar, 88
Removal: Teixeira: 83 (Marseille)