Windows 10 gets new features

Perhaps the most popular diagnostic tool in Windows operating systems is a standard task Manager. Like other system programs, it is constantly improved by developers Microsoft. In the future major update of OS users are waiting for new features already familiar to the application.

New features in the Windows task Manager

The first change will be the appearance in the tab “Details” column, which will specify the architecture of a process – x86, x64, or Arm32. Now this information is limited to the indication of the bitness of the running process (x86 or x64). The new functionality will probably be added to the task Manager in the second half of 2020.

Диспетчер задач Windows 10 получит новые функции

Диспетчер задач Windows 10 получит новые функции

The task Manager of Windows 10 will be able to determine the type of drive

In the spring of next year, Windows 10 will also be information about the disc type (HDD, SSD or other) under “Performance”. This will allow you to quickly identify the drive in the PC. Also, the operating system will learn to show the temperature of the discrete graphics without any third party tools. The option will be included in the collection 20H1.

Other functionality

Among other innovations, the future update will include Cloud Recovery function to restore the system from the cloud, improved voice assistant Cortana and updated Windows Update. The roll-out custom build version is expected in spring 2020.

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