Windows 10 Pro failed with the flagship AMD processor

Windows 10 Pro не справилась с флагманским процессором AMD

AMD Threadripper 3990X already made several world records in benchmarks and demonstrated impressive performance, able to interest both professionals and enthusiasts. But soon after the announcement of the new users are faced with an unpleasant surprise – popular desktop OS, Windows 10 was not ready to work full time, “charged” with iron.

As it turned out, a 64-core new product simply exceeded the limit of the supported number of CPU threads, embedded in the operating system to its developers – presumably, Microsoft did not expect that this CPU will massively be used on the market. Now the Pro version of the OS when working with HEDT chip “splits” it into two cluster at 64 threads. Theoretically, this allows the computer to operate all 128 streams, but some programs are unable to take full advantage of the new CPU.

The system “throws” executable application on the least loaded cluster and can select to work with only 64 stream. There are some ways around this limitation, but they all lead to further decline in performance. Now the only effective way to “cope” with the flagship processor is the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for workstations or Windows 10 Enterprise. According to online sources, Microsoft is already aware of the situation and will release an update soon that adds the required functionality in Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Pro не справилась с флагманским процессором AMD