Windows 10 upgrade failed to meet expectations

Обновление Windows 10 не оправдало ожиданий

Version 1903 failed to implement the announced functions, jeopardizing the safety of the users.

Recently premiered the may Windows updates 10. Theoretically, the package of improvements was to increase the level of security and add new features. But most users of the promised improvements don’t work.

So, the “sandbox” Windows was introduced last year as a complement to Windows 10 Pro. It is possible to run an isolated environment within the system. And it was not a virtual machine and the usual app. Then was presented a Guard Defender Application for corporate customers. “Defender” could open suspicious sites in the “container”, which excluded the penetration of the viruses into the system.

But the upgrade to Windows 10 failed to meet expectations – Microsoft representatives declared that both functions do not work because of flaws in the registry. The new patch will get the necessary corrections at the end of June. At this point the user can make changes in the registry activating the new functionality.