Windows 10 will receive an important update: “happy lovers order”

Windows 10 получит важное обновление: «осчастливит любителей порядка»

Microsoft Corporation develops a new system upgrade to Windows 10

American Corporation Microsoft has received worldwide fame due to their proprietary operating systems line of Windows, which produced more than 25 years. During this period of technology and electronic devices has made great progress, in connection with what is now on the market there are such OS as Windows 10.

The final stable build was released in July of 2015, and since then, developers try to release the updates for it, which is done on a regular basis.

Today, the developers have distributed a test build of Windows 10, which has a version number 19H2.

So, the new operating system contains an updated “start menu”, which completely got rid of the hated by many “live tiles”. Now the user only sees a list of apps in alphabetical order, the most popular programs and games, the search bar at the top, and a list of recent files opened on the computer.

When will the final stable build 19H2 yet precisely known, but there are rumors that it will happen in the fall of 2019. Along with this new menu the developers are going to rework many of the icons of standard applications to all Windows 10 looked more attractive. If this is indeed the case, then wait for such an innovation by Microsoft will have more than six months, and the update will be released only in October-November.

User under the name DriversCloud found on LinkedIn job description program Manager security project, Windows Core OS. In the description it is specified that to protect the Windows Core OS, you will need skills in the field of machine learning and data processing. In addition, the Manager will deal with the protection of free software components – this is the official confirmation that such components will be present in Windows Core OS.

All who follow the development of Windows Core OS, wondered if the new system support Win32 applications. In LinkedIn I found a description on another post that confirms that such support will be implemented – through the use of containers created on the basis of the OneCore.

Windows 10 получит важное обновление: «осчастливит любителей порядка»

Windows 10 получит важное обновление: «осчастливит любителей порядка»