Winlube with thousands of years of experience: this drink in our lands already made over 2,700 years

Винолюби з тисячолітнім стажем: цей напій на наших землях виготовляють уже понад 2700 років

The first evidence of winemaking on the territory of modern Ukraine can be traced from the Eneolithic and bronze. That our ancestors were involved in winemaking, is evidenced, in particular, the prints of grape seeds are found on the bottoms of Trypillya ceramic vessels, the newspaper “Express”.

Read more — in conversation with Mykola Bandrik, archaeologist, doctor of historical Sciences, and Bogdan Pavluha, Chairman of the Department of the Association of sommeliers of Ukraine.

— Tell us more about the historical evidence of early winemaking in the Ukrainian lands?

M. Bandriwsky:

— First direct reliable evidence for the use of wine in our land we found recently during excavations near the village of Svanisce in the Ternopil region. There came upon the most ancient on the territory of Ukraine bronze strainer — a mandatory attribute of each feast or ritual svyashennaya.

Because in ancient times wine was not poured from the amphora into bowls, and said to clear impurities and spices. We believe that this strainer may be 2700 years old! And at the current Western lands dwomoh find special bowls for drinking wine, kantari, which belong to the early period of the bronze age.

— In what areas produced the most wine?

. Pawluch: — Ukrainian territory, which have long been engaged in viticulture, traditionally and today are centers of winemaking. We are talking about the Crimea, the Nikolaev, Odessa and part of Zaporizhzhya region, Transcarpathia. There climatic conditions are favorable for this craft.

— What if our ancestors were drinking wine?

M. Bandriwsky:

— In ancient times wine was used mostly in religious ceremonies for worship of the deity, during a commemoration on the eve of battle.

. Pawluch:

— Then what about the secular, entertainment-domestic consumption of wine does not say. It is late in the wine-growing countries the tradition of daily consumption. Of course, this wine contained a smaller proportion of alcohol than the current one. For example, in wine producing countries — France, Italy, Spain, Portugal — and now wine does not have excise stamps, as it’s considered a food product. Where people used to drink it during lunch or dinner. It’s a culture with deep roots.

— Were there any restrictions on the use of wine?

M. Bandriwsky:

— Reliable information concerning the territory of Ukraine, unfortunately, have not. In Ancient Rome, the law of Romulus men under 35 years old actually it was impossible to drink wine! If a Roman made to your own drunken husband, she was buried alive. In Carthage were forbidden to drink wine in the days when the couple was scheduled to have sex. In Ancient Greece, the law did not allow this drink to the newlyweds in the wedding day. In Ancient China as much as her husband of 60 years, acquired the right to drink wine!


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