“Winter sport city” opened at the Nizhny Novgorod Arrow

«Зимний спортивный город» открыли на нижегородской Стрелке

Skating rinks, hockey, Santa Claus, café and a fair, entertainment and free training on the area of 25 thousand sq. m available every day from 9.30 to 23.00.

In fact, the ice complex, dubbed the “Sport Port” (previously this area was notable only Nizhny Novgorod commercial port), is a real sports city.

The complex covers more than 25 thousand square meters. The complex includes a skating rink with an area of 3 thousand sq. m (with dimensions of 50 x 60 m) and the professional hockey box 1400 sq. m (25 x 56 m).

The ice on both rinks – artificial, and therefore not afraid of warming, which abound in winter in recent years. Special teams update the ice coating every half an hour.

Daily “Sport Port” are free training, separately for children, separately for adults who are professional instructors for a special winter fitness, figure skating, ice hockey, Northern (Nordic) walking, and even skiing.

Here, in the “winter city”, which offers a Christmas market, a café with food and drinks, area for rest and relaxation.

And the children will be able to detect immediately… the residence of Santa Claus, with which you can take pictures and make a wish near Winter Wizard. And play with him, participate in contests, win Christmas gifts.

And in General entertaining program, which prepared for the guests of “winter city” is very diverse.

In order to get on the ice, you can rent skates and gear to the game of hockey – hockey sticks, pucks and helmets.

Adults can skate on weekdays over $ 100 for the hour and a half session and 150 rubles on weekends. Children – for 70 roubles any day. During training you can go out on the ice for free. You can also purchase a subscription for five or ten visits.

“Sportport” is open every day from 9.30 to 23.00.