Wireless headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds surprised the experts: what is the reason

Беспроводные наушники Samsung Galaxy Buds удивили экспертов: в чем причина

Wireless headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds, introduced in February along with the flagship line of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10. Now a product in the hands of the experts from the resource iFixit and surprised the experts.

Unlike disposable Apple AirPods that are beyond repair, Samsung Galaxy Buds concealed several design surprises that were found during disassembly.

Problems with the maintainability AirPods. AirPods from Apple turned out to be just non-repairable, so how to put it back to its factory state impossible. So “Apple” headphones received from the experts zero.

Maintainability Galaxy Buds. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Buds, the situation has reversed – they have no problem to disassemble and reassemble. For this they got 6 points out of 10.

Samsung Galaxy Buds disassembled – watch the video

The earphones are not connected with glue, as in the AirPods, and with the help of clamps, which significantly simplifies disassembly. After the disclosure has access to two small boards and a battery that can be replaced by a new one if necessary.

In addition, used batteries, “the pill” is easy to find in stores. Although the repair is still there a little chance to damage the plastic case, so that evidence of tampering will be noticeable under close scrutiny.

Case and charger. In the case of the storage pouch and charging disassembly even easier, but to find a new battery for it would be extremely difficult.

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