“With a hole in the pocket”: the Clients of Sberbank complain of huge interest for the translations

«С дыркой в кармане»: Клиенты Сбербанка жалуются на гигантские проценты за переводы

After a high-profile divorce, in which potterdale thousands of Russians, the security of the savings Bank leaves much to be desired.

The Russians continue to massively complain about high interest rates for financial transactions, which gives Sberbank. According to many, the Commission for the transfer of funds can sometimes reach gigantic proportions, leaving the people with “a hole in the pocket.”

As writes one of our clients in Twitter, Sberbank aching interest for all.

“For translations, maps, mobile banking is constantly suspended from the charge, I was tortured off! And there is not a reliability that your money will not fly away into the void! Protection not a fraud, but the protection of 33 pin,” complains a Russian woman to work in a financial institution.

In the words of a woman much truth, indeed, to achieve the savings, when you call their number, customers have to tell about myself everything, starting from birth and ending code word. In this case the Bank itself can’t even provide security deposits and cash, talking about this latest story about the mass fraud of the credit organization.

Recall that in late January-early February, many Russians were calling from numbers 900 or +7(495) 500-50-55, which are the official telephone numbers of Sberbank. Then the victims, callers were presented by employees of Bank, including the security personnel.

During the conversation, they reported that currently, the suspicious transaction to transfer funds. After this “expert” offers to compare data and at the end of this process asks to be called code word, or reports that the credit card was connected to another phone. To disable the unknown number must be called by code that comes in the SMS message with the number 900. If the customer does everything, then at the end he loses the money.

After a series of such fraud, the savings Bank commented on the situation as follows: “the questions of forgery of the offer of Sberbank should be sent to the cellular operators”. They also noted that currently, mobile operators block the 900 numbers and 8-800 if they are fraudulent. Also, the Bank added that customers need to be vigilant and not to make unnecessary everyone.