With hail showers and got to southern and Central Ukraine: instead of roads there is also formed the river (VIDEO)

The storm is raging not only in the Western part of Ukraine, but has already reached the South and Center.

So, yesterday on the southern part of Ukraine was hit by heavy rains and hail. In the Mykolaiv region were heavy rains, as a result, the brow flooded many streets. In the city, cars could not move on the roads because of the flooding.

The elements raged in Odessa region. Here rains were accompanied by heavy hail. In the village of Sukhoy Liman in Odessa region dropped large hail that was the size of a cherry. In some villages in Odessa region was also washed away roads.

Caught heavy rain and hail also tourists at sea. In the settlement Iron Port in the Kherson region held also large hail.

Forecasters warn that the storm will affect the Central Ukraine, Vinnytsia region. Here can rise the water level in the Dniester in the alignment post of Mogilev-Podolsky.