With the baptismal font in Chersonesos began the Baptism of Russia, – Aksenov

С крещальной купели в Херсонесе началось Крещение Руси, - Аксенов

Chapter Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov has published on his page in the social network Vkontakte the Day of the baptism of Rus.

“Today we celebrate the Day of the baptism of Rus. This holiday turns us to our spiritual roots, to the precepts of ancestors, reminiscent of the historic choices freely and consciously made the Holy equal to the apostles great Prince Vladimir, and then the Prince and all our people.

The choice of St. Vladimir led the way in the history of Russia as a great and unique country and civilization, the appearance of the Russian state, have largely shaped our national character.

According to the prominent Russian philosopher Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin, Christianity has fostered in the Russian people the qualities of the spirit of selflessness, sacrifice and patience, freedom, compassion and brotherhood. Without these qualities Russia would not be able to survive and win in the age-old confrontation with the formidable and numerous enemies, to unite the tens and hundreds of peoples become a home for every people and every person.

The transforming power of Baptism is reflected in the personal fate of Prince Vladimir: aggressive and violent leader turned into a wise and merciful ruler, whom the people called the Red Sun, and the Church of the Holy and equal to the apostles. Similarly, the millennial light of the baptism of Russia is reflected in the personal fate of each of us, defining our identity, our understanding of their place in the world. According to his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, “we should remember Vladimir Holy as a man, the life and acts of which remain a leaven, changing our lives here and now.”

Crimeans today a very special meaning. With the baptismal font in Chersonesos began the way Prince to the Baptism of Russia, the Dnieper font. Here, in Chersonese, are the origins of the Russian world uniting millions of spiritual, cultural, blood ties, three fraternal Slavic peoples – Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian. I am sure that this relationship is stronger than any divisions and stronger than those artificial and false ideological constructions that are trying to build up our enemies to sow discord among brethren.

Essentially, the whole of Russian history is an echo of Chersonesos. So succinctly and vividly defined the place and role of the baptism of Russia, our contemporary, a writer, publicist and public figure Alexander Prokhanov. The choice of Prince Vladimir’s desire of our people to the eternal ideals of goodness and justice that are relevant in all times and equally dear to the people of all nationalities and faiths. This is the moral Foundation of our statehood, our main unifying value, the guarantee of power and prosperity of Russia”, – wrote Aksenov.