With the flares and paint: Odessa protested against Avakov

С файерами и краской: одесситы протестовали против Авакова

Odessa citizens came out to protest against the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov under the General Directorate of national police in the Odessa region. They demand from President Vladimir Zelensky not to appoint Avakov in the new government. The protesters believe that the Minister is not the place nor the Cabinet, nor in the power of all.

The protest was joined by members of several community organizations: the center Odessa “Automaidan”, “C14!”, NOO “Indifferent.”

Lawyer Artem Kartashov noted that Avakov monopolized by a majority of law enforcement agencies: the state emergency service, Border service, Netpolicy.

This is not correct, because there is an imbalance in the system of checks of balances. Today, the vast majority of power structures in the hands of one person, which is 5 years without achievements governs structure. It destroys the state from within and is a threat. The police are not ordinary citizens today. It is completely closed structure,

he added.

The lawyer recalled that one of the requirements of the Maidan was that the police became transparent to civil society could see and control the processes in the structure. “This did not happen. Police maksimalno closed and conserved structure that eats itself. Citizens expect new faces and an absolute change of format. The police should become an open structure with transparent mechanisms so that each of us felt protection”, – said Artem Kartashov.

Therefore, the citizens have urged the President not to appoint Arsen Avakov for the position, and to audit the activities of the Ministry of interior for the last 5 years and to start a real reform of the interior Ministry.

Community activist Michael Kuzakon noted that the police were paralysed by corruption.

Many raider attacks and crime are covered by the police. All the reforms failed and the primary responsibility for Avakov. The government must understand that the responsibility for the actions of the law enforcement system now depends on the parliamentary monopolista. We must improve the quality of police

– added Kuzakon.

Protesters also noted that the criminal situation in Odessa and the Ukraine. Journalist Alina Radchenko reminded that Odessa is more attacks on public figures. Police still have not found a single customer of these attacks.

The participants wrote with paint on the entrance to the police station “Avakov – hell” and lit flares.

С файерами и краской: одесситы протестовали против Авакова

С файерами и краской: одесситы протестовали против Авакова

С файерами и краской: одесситы протестовали против Авакова

С файерами и краской: одесситы протестовали против Авакова