With the movements in the style Jamala: singer KHAYAT surprised with his performance in the national selection

С движениями в стиле Джамалы: певец KHAYAT удивил своим выступлением на Нацотборе

The second semi-final of the National selection of Eurovision-2019 was marked by a lot of curiosities and spectacular performances. In particular, a flurry of discussion led to the speech of the original singer KHAYAT (real name – Andrew Hyatt).

A kind of trend of the National selection in 2019 have become folk tunes. This music decided to borrow and singer KHAYAT, who on the stage presented their song Ever.

To an unusual performance artist has created a performance that reminded Jamala’s performance at the Eurovision song contest in 2016. While numbers appeared on the scene Oriental motifs, in particular, tricolor stripes, which were connected to the place where he stood KHAYAT. In addition, when performance of the song Ever artist stagger as does Jamal.

“I wanted were some dynamics in the song, but failed. You are a very interesting artist, and timbre, and the song, from Oriental style to Ukrainian folklore is impressive. But I’m already thinking about the finale: there’s YUKO and Julia, which as “piles”. This is one area of folk music with electronic direction. And it will be a powerful competitor. I would like you to think, and finished up the vocals,” said Jamal.

So our Jamal in such an authoritative style have divided spheres of influence: where is your territory where its territory is and where is YUKO. Do not step over the border – will be a showdown,
with humor reacted Sergey Prytula.

At the same time, all the star judges noted the originality of the singer KHAYAT did not compare his performance with the room Jamala Eurovision in 2016.

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