With the onset of cold weather, mandatory attributes should be woolen scarves and comfortable waterproof shoes doctor

С наступлением холодов обязательными атрибутами должны стать шерстяные шарфы и удобная непромокаемая обувь - врач

Uncomfortable shoes and open neck may cause not only hypothermia and colds, but also migraines and more serious consequences.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

Even a short walk in the frosty air with naked breast neck, tight shoes and uncovered head can result in bronchitis, neuralgia, inflammation of the muscles of the neck and back.

In the cold, avoid high heels and leather shoes, and not only because of the danger of getting hurt on the ice because of the instability of such boots and shoes, but also because of the high sole disrupts the blood circulation, and this in turn leads to failure of thermoregulation of the body.

“The cold weather is how to close the chest, for example, under a coat or coats to fix on the breast the ends of a warm scarf. Better yet, choose a sweater with a high collar. If you chill this portion of the body, pneumonia and myocarditis may ruin your life for a very long time,” warns the doctor.

From the cold always affects the skin, and perekladiv it once, you’ll be breaking the regulation for a long time – that is, the hands will start to freeze even at higher temperatures. Any minus preferably 20 minutes before going outside to grease your hands with a protective cream if no special – come any fat basis”, – said the expert.

The specialist also said that on the palms and the hands are bioactive points associated with the head and respiratory system. So, if badly perished hands, can worsen chronic inflammation of the nose, bronchi, begin headaches. After freezing of the hands may develop polyarthritis – inflammation of the small joints of the fingers and hands.