With Zelensky will be as promised – Sorobi

С Зеленским будет так, как мы и обещали - Зверобий

Volunteer Maroussia Surobi said that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky could suffer in the Donbass, if it is to continue to be rude to the military. She told Newsone in the air, commenting on the searches in my house.

Plastered all over the TV taken out of context of the conversation, which was after the words of our comrade the President, who went to be rude to our military. It warned: if you’re going to be rude… I Repeat: if you’re going to be rude to our soldiers, then you will happen all that we will be on the list explained this to you with Fedina. If you still don’t get it, – said Surobi.

She added that with Zelensky may all be as they MP Sofia Pedinol said in a video after the trip of the President in gold.

And if you think that you that will not happen, because I ordered a search of the house my grandmother, you’d be wrong – happens all as we said. Nehru and behave with the people who protect the Homeland.

“Westie” I wrote that on Thursday, November 28, early in the morning detectives with the State Bureau of investigation raided the searches in the house of volunteer Maroussi of Surobi.

We will note, the Deputy of Verkhovna Rada from the faction of “European solidarity” Sophia Fedyna recorded a video blog with Mary of Zveroboi – Lviv activist and volunteer since President Zelensky in gold. Video Zviroby threatens President: “You and the President-it was because you did Russian botafirm. There, in the war, people are shell-shocked… And they will undermine you, I promise”she says. RRG has already sent to the GPU suspected Feline and St. John’s Wort threatening to kill Zelensky.