Withdrew Nike sneakers Air Force because of the scandal with Panamanian design

Nike отозвал кроссовки Air Force из-за скандала с панамским дизайном

The Nike brand is shooting a new version of its classic shoes Air Force 1 “Puerto-Ricо” after protests by indigenous people in Panama

It is noted that the model with limited edition was made as a gesture of respect to Puerto Rico, but the nation of the gunas in Panama, said that the brand uses their traditional pattern “Mall”.

After this, the indigenous population has accused Nike of “piracy” protected traditional design.

Nike apologised for the “inaccurate representation” of the Shoe and said that it would not be in the sale..

Model “Puerto Rico” was supposed to launch in June.

The guna people live mostly on low-lying Caribbean Islands that make up the Autonomous region of guna Yala and are one of seven indigenous groups in Panama. Environmentalists say that they are in danger of flooding due to global warming.