“Without a wife you die”: Yuri Nikolaev on the example of an alcoholic Kharatyan advised to refuse from drinking

«Без жены ты умрешь»: Юрий Николаев на своем примере надоумил алкоголика Харатьяна отказаться от пьянства

At the time, Eleanor A. all the forces helping famous TV to return to a normal life and wife of Dmitry of the Marina Maiko almost left him of powerlessness to deal with “a green serpent” Haratyan.

Dmitry Kharatyan known to the General public, as a performer of the main roles in the cult Soviet film “the Green van” and “midshipmen, forward!”. Thanks to his talent and charisma the actor has been twice recognized as the best in his craft in the Soviet Union. The flourishing career Kharatyan came in the 80-ies and early 90-ies, in the same period, he met his beloved second wife Marina Maiko, which is happily married to this day. But then in the life of a movie star problems began. Friends of Dmitry saying they were linked with excessive celebrities addiction to alcohol. He also admits that in that period of life was a real alcoholic. In recognition of this, according to Kharatyan, was one of the key success factors in the fight against harmful addiction. However, not only it helped the actor to do away with alcoholism and start life with a clean slate.

Once in a press interview, Dmitry said that the example of Yuri Nikolaev helped him find the strength to quit drinking. As you know, the famous TV presenter at the time also suffered greatly from addiction to alcohol. Once due to gross negligence Nikolaev went on the air with “Morning mail” frankly drunk. For this he was suspended from work for a few months and could be put to oblivion because of the vicious act on the Central channel, however, the national love to Yuri Alexandrovich forced the leadership of the Central television back on-air talent, but with the condition that he get rid of the addiction. Few people know that Nikolaev helped to overcome alcohol addiction his wife Eleonora Aleksandrovna. She invited only non-drinking friends, constantly trying to do something with the spouse. The woman tried to leave the broadcaster alone with thoughts about alcohol and otherwise protect him from harmful habits.

It is likely that Yuri Nikolaev, in his example, also advised the alcoholic Haratyan to abandon drunkenness. With Dmitry they have long been friends and close contact. Perhaps the presenter at the time put the actor up with the idea “Without a wife you die”, knowing that Marina Maiko will not tolerate the alcoholism of her husband forever. He Kharatyan, remembering the treatment of addiction, says that death was for him the only alternative to cure. It is no secret that the wife of Dmitry was the initiator of all visits to doctors and treatment in specialized clinics. As Eleonora Alexandrovna for Yuri Nikolaev, she was Kharatyan almost the last chance for salvation.

Once in the beginning of “zero” Marina, according to friends of the artist, despaired and was about to move in with parents, Dmitri has vowed to stop drinking. Though Kharatyan and was unable to keep the promise, sometimes applying to the bottle, but then realized that he could lose the love of his life, and with it life itself. Seeing this, it is likely, having rich experience of the alcoholic, Yuri Nikolaev, and Kharatyan has advised to take will in a fist and to stop drinking. After a while Dmitry really managed to overcome the addiction than it is now insanely proud. Although to regain its former glory, the actor is not helped, but gave me the opportunity to keep the family together, love the closest person, and possibly life.

«Без жены ты умрешь»: Юрий Николаев на своем примере надоумил алкоголика Харатьяна отказаться от пьянства

«Без жены ты умрешь»: Юрий Николаев на своем примере надоумил алкоголика Харатьяна отказаться от пьянства