Wladimir Klitschko responded harshly to the President of Federation of Boxing of Ukraine

Владимир Кличко жестко ответил президенту Федерации бокса Украины

The legend of Boxing, former world champion in the heavyweight versions of IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO Wladimir Klitschko commented on the initiative of the President of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine (FBU) Vladimir Prodivus to eliminate “professional Boxing” as a separate sport and remove it from the Register of recognized sports in Ukraine. Спорт24 quotes Klitschko completely.

Sports in General and Boxing in particular has played a key role in my life. Strength of will and spirit, discipline and responsibility – all of these are necessary for every person the features I have provided just a sport. Remembering your way, from first practice to the championship fights, I can confidently say: Boxing is hard work. First and foremost on themselves.

But if in Amateur sports with you a whole team that takes care of everything and the coach is like an older brother or father, it professional – you’re responsible for everything yourself. For the selection of a mentor, place and time of the training camp for the selection of equipment or sparring partners. You become a true blacksmith of your happiness. And if Amateur Boxing has taught me discipline, professional responsibility. And – in the broadest sense of the word: responsibility for their actions and decisions, responsibility to the team and the people with whom you work. And he made it clear, when you are sure of the correctness of the chosen path, should go to his goal, overcoming all obstacles and challenges.

From professional Boxing in Ukraine were different times, but never in his almost 30-year history, no one had doubt about the correctness of the chosen path. The evidence – level tournaments, the group of Champions and thousands of children in the sections that inspired the success of the Ukrainian professional boxers in the world rings. And yet – a great authority in the world and respect for our country, for example in Kiev the Congress of the world Boxing Council (WBC). Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of enthusiasts of Ukrainian professional Boxing has achieved worldwide recognition.

What alternative FBU and specifically Prodivus provide sports ?! Given the fact that the AIBA (international Amateur Boxing Association) are excluded from the program of Olympic Games.

I mean, the synergy, but not a ban of the sport, which allows athletes to glorify Ukraine, to popularize our national anthem and flag, You, Mr. Prodyvus can do this? Do you want to deprive us, Ukrainians, this opportunity?! Want to get perspective in life and satisfaction in girls and guys?! That does not happen – and tear up your application and drop it in the water along with your thoughts about it!