Wladimir Klitschko says why he became a UFC fighter

The legendary Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko said that he could try his hand at mixed martial arts. Vladimir is convinced that to be a MMA fighter harder than a boxer.

At the same time, Klitschko said that would not be a UFC fighter because of back problems.

You will need to be developed in everyone, be a fighter and a boxer. Rounds longer. And it’s much harder than Boxing. It is difficult to remain successful in the UFC, even harder to retain the title, because the sport is very competitive. I have great respect for athletes, and when I see how women are feeling even more respect.

Maybe I could try UFC. I wouldn’t have become a fighter because of some health problems – back and so on, so I couldn’t fight for a long time, although judo when I was young,
– quoted Vladimir Business Insider.

What is the UFC?
It is an international sports organization that arranges and conducts fights of the mixed style, but also holds competitions for the world championship in mixed martial arts.